Table of Contents

A. Introduction

B. Map of Europe, 1580

C. Swashbucklers and Musketeers: A Beginner's Guide to Renaissance Persona Development

D. 16th Century Economic Trends and Persona Development

E. A Survey of Renaissance Europe

     I. Renaissance Italy

     II. Renaissance Spain

     III. Renaissance France

     IV. Merrie Englande in Tudor Times

     V. Reformation Germany

     VI. The Portuguese in the Indian Ocean 1497-1557

E. Courtly Graces and Manners in the Renaissance

F. Male Clothing in the Renaissance

G. The Renaissance Lute in England

H. Astronomy in the Renaissance

I. The Evolution of English Shipbuilding 1500-1591

J. The Art of Swordplay in the Renaissance

K. The Ballad of the Battle of Pavia

L. Bibliography